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Bob's Barber Shop

Barber shop.
(989) 772-2877
221 E Michigan Street

Central Michigan Massage Therapy

Central Michigan Massage Therapy offers therapeutic massage therapy including Swedish Massage, Myofascial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Reflexology. Massage can benefit EVERYONE! The positive effects of massage include increased health and decreased pain. Massage is also be a wonderful way to relax. Call for an appointment!
(989) 621-7050
304 W. Michigan Ave. (Suite 16)


(989) 772-5013
214 E Broadway Street

Jeanette's Beauty Salon

Barber, full-service hair salon, manicures. Full line of hair products. 28 years of service.
(989) 773-2691
221 W Michigan Street

MJ Murphy Beauty College

At MJ Murphy Beauty College, our courses are designed with your success in mind. We offer a unique, systematic approach for teaching health and beauty professionals how to manage a fulfilling, profitable, and growing service business. We are committed to preparing our students not only in the technical side of their fields, but in the business side as well, in order to ensure their professional success. MJ Murphy Beauty College is open to the public. Students, under the supervision of a licensed instructor, perform all clinic work. A senior discount for those 65 and older is available. Gift certificates are available.
(989) 772-2339
201 W Broadway Street


For all your hair needs.
(989) 773-0786
412 E Broadway

Total Eclipse Design Hair Studio

Total Eclipse Design is a full service salon. Stylists are instructed and trained in the newest styles and color techniques. Come in and let us pamper you. Total Eclipse. . .totally you. A great place to call home. Walk in are always welcome!
(989) 772-5111
110 E Broadway Street (Suite 2)

Upper Cut

(989) 773-4277
124 S. Main

Water Works Salon & Spa

Full service salon and spa featuring haircare, nailcare, facials, and massages. We are your exclusive location for Bare Minerals make-up, Bumble and Bumble haircare and Eminence Organic Skincare of Hungary. We look forward to taking care of all your haircare, skincare and nailcare needs.
(989) 775-1500
(989) 775-1449
502 W Broadway Street